Size Guide


Determining Your Underband Measurement

To accurately determine your underband measurement, follow these steps while wearing a wired, non-padded bra. Gently place the measuring tape around your back and position it directly underneath your bust, aligning it with the area where your bra band typically rests. Ensure that the measuring tape runs parallel to the floor. If someone else is assisting you with the measurements, maintain your arms at your sides. As you exhale, pull the measuring tape snugly and take note of the measurement.

Determining Your Bust Measurement

To obtain your bust measurement, keep your elbows down and position the measuring tape across your back at the same level as your bra band, passing it under each arm and encircling the fullest part of your bust. Again, ensure that the measuring tape remains parallel to the floor. If someone else is helping you measure, keep your arms at your sides. Gently pull the tape, inhale and exhale, and record the measurement.

After obtaining your underband and bust measurements, consult the OMI BEAUTY bra size chart to determine your size.



How to Measure your Under Bust Length

  1. Take a measuring tape and measure your Under bust. Now add +4 to this number. Eg: 29+4= 33inches
  2. Round it off to next even no =34, as bra sizes come in EVEN numbers only

Now measure your BUST size

  1. Measure the fullest part of your bust to get your cup size. Eg: 36inches
  2. Calculate the difference between Bust size minus Band size to find out your cup size. Eg: 36-34= 2

How to know your CUP

If the difference between the above measurements is 1 your Cup size is A

if it is 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E